About us

In Italy there are three towns whose main activity is the working of gold: Arezzo, Valenza Po and Vicenza.
Each of them has its onw characteristics, but Arezzo is the one where the most quantity of gold is worked.

This small town, despite its dimensions (the population is approximately 100.000 inhabitants) has a long established tradition, in the goldsmith art, drawing its origins from the Etruscan-Roman period.
This, together with the great amount of gold worked in its factories, has earned Arezzo the name of “Golden City”.
Among its factories, the town can boast the biggest one in the world, but hundreds and hundreds were those born and developed after the Second World War.

Nowadays Arezzo counts around 1200 companies ranging from small handicraftsmen firms to large ones, new technologies are every day designed and developed, thanks mostly to business firms manufacturers and suppliers of machinery as FIOA INTERNATIONAL, that is considered all over the world the leadership in this field.

FIOA INTERNATIONAL has been established in 1989 by Mr. Guglielmo Caprai that is the actual president.
At the beginning, FIOA group was manufacturing and supplying small machinery for goldsmiths: later on its business has expanded both on the trade level and on the technical productive one up to reach the present standards.

FIOA INTERNATIONAL is in a position to supply all machinery, plants, equipment and articles of wide consumption required by the goldsmith’s, silversmith’s and costume jewellery’s industries.
FIOA INTERNATIONAL operates in all ltaly and exports to the five continents.
The Head office in Arezzo, comprises a wide permanent exhibition with relevant warehouse, technical and administrative offices as well as a chemical laboratory and rooms for training.
Besides, FIOA INTERNATIONAL group collaborate with several factories where the machinery are manufactured and where all maintenance operations are carried out.