Continuous chain degreasing unit by means of water and soap only cod:772500


This machine has been studied and built up to replace as much as possible the use of trichloroethylene. In fact in the jewellery industry, in order to remove the oil from the surface of the chains or any other item, it is normally used a degreaser by means of trichloroethylene.

Now, due to the very unhealthy gas emitted by the trichloroethylene distillation, the big environmental pollution and the difficult process to destroy the residual of trichloroethylene, FIOA INTERNATIONAL decided to put in the market an “eco-friendly” system working only with demineralized water and a special soap which is ecological.

In this way the use of trichloroethylene is very limited, the operators will have the great advantage for their own health, and also the factories will have much less problem for environmental pollution and for the very particular and complicated discharges.
This unit can be used also before to go working with the ice lathe, thanks to its efficiency in the cleaning of the chain. if there are residuals of impurities and the chain is not perfectly clean, this could effect the stability of the chains on the cylinder once it freeze and create various possible problems.
The machine can be useful also to efficiently clean after the soldering, before to go working with the presses, and in any other situation where is required to perfectly clean the chains.
Finally, this machine is able to brightening the chains with very fast and impressive results.